Damien Morrison
Senior School Instructional Leader - VET/VM/VPC

Vocational and Applied Learning is a rapidly growing pathway through senior secondary and beyond. At Catholic College Wodonga our Vocational and Applied Learning Pathways are designed to help students pursue their interests and aspirations, and develop the skills needed to succeed in further education, work and life. We do this by providing flexibility, valuing student voice, and making explicit connections between what we do in class and what happens in the world beyond school.

VCE VM Personal Development Skills 3-4

  • Investigate and act on issues that affect you and your community
  • Improve your communication and interpersonal skills
  • Become a more effective leader and team member

    Subject Code: V4VPD
    Year Level: 12

    Unit 3
    • Learn and demonstrate social awareness and interpersonal skills
    • Analyse leadership qualities and styles, and demonstrate your leadership in real and simulated situations
    • Describe the characteristics of an effective team, and reflect on your team work skills.
    Unit 4
    • Investigate environmental, cultural, economic and social issues that impact your community
    • Plan and undertake a project to addresses an identified issue
    • Reflect on your project and present your findings to a relevant audience.
    • Will include written assignments and records, and practical participation
    • May include an investigation, reflective journal, digital or live presentation, or research task.


    VCE VM Work Related Skills 3-4

    • Build on your knowledge of employment workplace laws, conditions and expectations
    • Prepare a portfolio to help you apply for jobs or further education
    • Develop your workplace communication skills

    Subject Code: V4VWR
    Year Level: 12

    Unit 3
    • Evaluate the characteristics of healthy, collaborative, cooperative and harmonious workplaces
    • Explore the legal processes and ramifications for illegal workplace behaviours and practices
    • Practise communication skills to develop networks, professional relationships and work effectively in diverse teams. 
    Unit 4
    • Research the purpose and form of a variety of portfolios
    • Create a personal portfolio related to potential employment in a chosen industry or higher education application
    • Present your portfolio to a live panel.
    • Will assess your theoretical knowledge of the topics covered, and your ability to put your knowledge into practice
    • May include, case studies, research tasks, records of observations, performances or role plays