Steve Ramage
Mathematics Instructional Leader

From its origins in counting and measuring, mathematics has evolved in highly sophisticated and elegant ways to become the language now used to describe many aspects of our world today. In the Mathematics Domain, we look to develop your mathematical and literacy skills for everyday life, work and assist you in becoming active and critical citizens in a technological world. You learn to see connections and apply mathematical concepts, skills and processes to pose and solve problems in mathematics and in a range of contexts. As you progress through your mathematical studies you are able to follow a pathway which is more suited to your needs, aspirations and interests.

VPC Numeracy 2

  • Learn maths you will actually use in real life; practice the skills then apply them to everyday problems
  • Master maths skills to get healthy and be informed, from reading food labels to understanding how votes are counted
  • Be assessed on your skills in practical ways like running a game or cooking a meal

    Subject Code: V6MNU
    Year Level: 12

    Unit 2
    • Health and Recreational Numeracy is all about learning maths skills to help you stay healthy and to help you participate in all kinds of hobbies
    • Knowing how to likely it is to rain tomorrow or how many people actually moved during the great Covid tree change is Civic Numeracy, learn how to use numbers to stay informed
    • There are no tests in VPC Numeracy, all assessment tasks are designed to use the skills you have learned in practical ways
    • You might be asked to design a game, hold an election, keep score at a match, follow a recipe, or test a prediction