Steve Ramage
Mathematics Instructional Leader

From its origins in counting and measuring, mathematics has evolved in highly sophisticated and elegant ways to become the language now used to describe many aspects of our world today. In the Mathematics Domain, we look to develop your mathematical and literacy skills for everyday life, work and assist you in becoming active and critical citizens in a technological world. You learn to see connections and apply mathematical concepts, skills and processes to pose and solve problems in mathematics and in a range of contexts. As you progress through your mathematical studies you are able to follow a pathway which is more suited to your needs, aspirations and interests.

General Mathematics 1-2

  • Incorporates a practical approach that equips students with essential skills as future citizens
  • Learn statistics, linear graphs, financial modelling and more
  • Suits students who enjoy non-algebraic mathematics

Subject Code: V1MGM
Year Level: 11

Unit 1 & 2

This unit would benefit a broad range of students. You learn statistics, linear modelling, linear graphs, matrices, recursion and financial modelling.

  • Topic tests
  • Assignments
  • Modelling/problem solving tasks
  • Homework tasks
  • End of semester exam
What sort of student would like General Mathematics?

Someone who:

  • Would like to continue with Mathematics with the option of studying Further Mathematics in Year 12
  • Requires a maths unit for tertiary study but not to the level of Mathematical Methods
  • Is not looking to go on to tertiary studies but may require Mathematics at Year 11 level to undertake a particular pathway.

Pathways (Year 10) subjects: Pre-General or Pre-Methods.

Other consideration

You need to enjoy Mathematics, in particular the non-algebraic type of mathematics (i.e. Data and Statistics, Financial Mathematics, Networks, Geometry and Trigonometry.)

You must have a Ti-nspire CAS calculator. It is used extensively throughout the unit.


VCE VM Numeracy 1-2

  • Learn maths that will be useful you in further education and employment
  • Cover topics like maths for personal organisation, health, recreation, money management, and preparing for the world of work
  • Learn new maths skills, then use them to solve real world problems

Subject Code: V3MNU
Year Level: 11

Unit 1
  • You will look at Number, Shape, Relationships, and Quantity and Measures
  • Build on your existing mathematical skills to solve problems in real world contexts
  • Create a ‘tool kit’ of maths skills that you can use at home, work or school
Unit 2
  • You will look at Dimension and Direction, Data, Uncertainty, Systematics
  • Use these skills to solve a new set of problems in different real-world contexts
  • Build on your Unit 1 ‘tool kit’ of maths skills to improve your confidence using maths at home, work, or school
  • Will be based on your ability not only to do the maths, but to apply it in practical ways
  • May include investigations, projects, presentations, and portfolios

VM students can undertake VCE General Maths as an alternative to this subject (with Maths Learning Leader approval)