Damien Morrison
Senior School Instructional Leader - VET/VM/VPC

Vocational and Applied Learning is a rapidly growing pathway through senior secondary and beyond. At Catholic College Wodonga our Vocational and Applied Learning Pathways are designed to help students pursue their interests and aspirations, and develop the skills needed to succeed in further education, work and life. We do this by providing flexibility, valuing student voice, and making explicit connections between what we do in class and what happens in the world beyond school.

VCE VM Personal Development Skills 1-2

  • Learn about yourself and how you can improve your emotional intelligence
  • Explore the idea of community and how you can help yours be more inclusive
  • Design and implements health and community engagement projects

    Subject Code: V3VPD
    Year Level: 11

    Unit 1
    • Explore the concept of personal identity within different contexts, such as education, employment, social, family and online.
    • Learn about emotional intelligence and how you can improve your emotional intelligence.
    • Look at health and wellbeing and what effects the health and wellbeing of individuals, groups and communities.
    • Plan and participate in health promotion activities.
    Unit 2
    • Explore the concept of community and citizenship.
    • Examine issues affecting local, national and global communities.
    • Investigate the enablers and barries to community cohesion and strategies to foster community engagement.
    • Design, implement and evaluate a community engagement activity.
    • Assessments will include research and planning tasks, but will also involve actual delivery of, and participation in, practical community-based projects.
    • May include concept maps, reports, journals, meeting minutes, records of discussions, videos, photographs and case studies.


    VCE VM Work Related Skills 1-2

    • Learn about the world of work, industry growth areas and in demand skills
    • Identify and improve you own employability skills, attributes, and capabilities
    • Learn about recruitment processes, and practice you application and interview skills

    Subject Code: V3VWR
    Year Level: 11

    Unit 1
    • Develop research skills; learn how to read graphs to identify trends and make predictions.
    • Find out which skills are in demand, what new jobs are emerging, and which industries are likely to have lot of jobs in the future.
    • Research education pathways into select industries and set goals for your own future.
    Unit 2
    • Learn about the difference between transferable skills and specialist and technical work skills.
    • Develop Strategies to improve and enhance your future career prospects.
    • Learn about recruitment processes, and practice you application and interview skills.
    • Collect evidence of your own skills to use in the recruitment process.
    • Assessments will check you understand the information delivered, but will also be practical documents that you can use to plan and prepare for your future.
    • May include, skills audits, mock interviews, education and training plans, job application documents, investigations, and reports.