Jacqui Martini
VALP Learning Leader

Vocational and Applied Learning is a rapidly growing pathway through senior secondary and beyond. At Catholic College Wodonga our Vocational and Applied Learning Pathways are designed to help students pursue their interests and aspirations, and develop the skills needed to succeed in further education, work and life. We do this by providing flexibility, valuing student voice, and making explicit connections between what we do in class and what happens in the world beyond school.

VPC Personal Development 2

  • Learn all about yourself; take time to decide what is important to you, what you’re good at and where you want to go
  • Figure out what respectful relationships look like, including respecting and caring for yourself
  • Learn more about your community, why community matters and how you can get involved

Subject Code: V6VPD
Year Level: 12

Unit 2
  • Learn about community; what it is and how we connect with it? 
  • Explain the benefits, rights and responsibilities of being an effective member of a community, research and locate community support systems
  • Identify and discuss the functions and roles of community leaders and organisations and their ability to assist in creating a sense of belonging
  • You will be assessed on what you learn, but also on how you are able to reflect on those ideas and how you can apply them to your own life
  • You might be asked to: creation a survey, reflect on an organisation visit, present an oral or digital presentation, participate in practical tasks, or undertake research. 


VPC Skills (Year 12)

  • Use the knowledge and skills you have learned in your VPC classes in practical ways
  • Explore topics and issues that are of interest to the group, work with your teacher to decide what you will delve into
  • Prepare for work placement, reflect on your experiences and make plans for future placements

Subject Code: V6VSK
Year Level: 12

VPC Skills is not directly aligned to any VPC curriculum, it is a chance for students to explore the concepts and skills for each of their other subjects in greater detail as required. Depending on the needs and interests of the group, the teacher may use these lessons to spend more time on concepts that students are struggling with, or they may use this time to devise projects that incorporate the concepts covered in multiple subjects. It provides the flexibility for staff to work with students to devise learning opportunities that support the students according to their needs and gives students a chance to have a say in what they work on. 
This class will also be used to support students in acquiring, preparing for, and reflecting on their Structured Workplace Learning.


Assessment in this class may provide evidence for one or more of the other VPC subjects.


VPC Work Related Skills 3-4

  • Find and use reliable information to make a plan for your future
  • Learn how to be physically and mentally safe at work, and what to do if you are not
  • Prepare a job application and do a mock job interview

Subject Code: V6VWR
Year Level: 12

Unit 3
  • Explore the importance of Mental and Physical Health in the workplace
  • Identify a safe and unsafe workplaces, and what to do when work is not safe
  • Investigate ways to be physically safe at work including risk assessment, reporting hazards, and making recommendations
Unit 4
  • Research and write a pathway plan
  • Prepare a job application
  • Participate in a mock job interview
  • You will be assessed on your completed pathway plan, job application and interview
  • You will also be assessed on what you learn along the way and may be asked to complete presentations, a reflective journal , skills and interests quizzes, or excursion reflections