Resource List

Our Resource List shows all the textbooks and resources (eg. calculator) that are required for each subject. 

The list can be found on the Campion Education website Click here for instructions on how to navigate the site.

Once signed in, you will be asked for the select Catholic College Wodonga and enter the 2024 Resource List Code 484X.

Once you have access to the Resources List you can choose from 3 options to purchase your resources.

Purchasing New

New items can only be purchased through the Resources List on Campion Education website. Tick the box next to the text/resources you require for your subjects and complete your order. Some resources have a digital or textbook option available to choose from.

For 2024 orders, generally, free home delivery is available for orders submitted by Wednesday 13 December with delivery by Thursday 25 January.

Sourcing Pre-owned

Sustainable School Shop

The College pays for access to the Sustainable School Shop - Australia's largest second school resources purchasing site. Families can buy and sell textbooks/resources through this site Nominate Catholic College Wodonga when you register. Make sure you double check the resource list to ensure you are buying the current edition for your subject.

Catholic Education Wodonga Parent's Facebook page

There is also a community run Facebook page titled CEW (Catholic Education Wodonga) Second Hand Uniforms which sells uniforms and textbooks.


Click here for Years 9 and 10 Stationery List

You are welcome to use any notebooks and stationery items you already have. Anything extra can be purchased from your preferred retailer.


Please refer any questions to Learning Resources Manager, Michelle Price
6043 5500