Hannah Banks
English Instructional Leader

English is important for helping you appreciate diversity, develop sensitivity and, perhaps most importantly, contribute to your future by crafting your writing and critical thinking.

In the English Domain, we foster an appreciation for a wide variety of texts and empower you to develop your own interpretations of the texts we study. You interpret, create, evaluate, discuss and perform a wide range of literary texts in which the primary purpose is aesthetic, as well as texts designed to inform and persuade. These include various types of media texts, including newspapers, film and digital texts, fiction, non-fiction, poetry, dramatic performances and many others.

Students complete English as a compulsory part of their VCE Studies. From 2025, VCE English Language and VCE English Literature are offered as extension options via an application and interview process. Successful students can choose to replace Core English with English Language/Literature or complete it in addition to Core English.