In Year 7 and 8, we establish the habits for success.

The focus of the Middle School is breadth - to build skills, knowledge and understanding across a number of areas such as music, art, science and technology, whilst remaining in a core class. These core classes are designed to build a sense of belonging as students remain together and have a limited number of different teachers, easing their transition into high school.

Middle School Highlights

  • In their first term at Catholic College, Year 7 students go to Harrietville for a two-night stay to engage in activities such as canoeing, raft building, mountain bike riding and team building activities. The focus of this camp is building a sense of community and belonging between the Year 7 students and their teachers
  • In the Middle School, we dive deep and explore ‘what is Humanities?’ and ‘what is Science?’ aiming to prepare students for the Pathways program at Year 9 and 10.
  • In Year 8, students work at empowering themselves and developing a sense of resilience and growth mindset with a two day experience.

Alex Reynolds
Director of Learning - Middle School