Victorian Certificate of Education

Students are required to take greater responsibility for their own learning, for their choice of units and to make a mature commitment to study both within and beyond the classroom. Because all course work and study cannot be covered in school hours, there is an expectation that students complete both homework and study out of school hours.

How is VCE structured?

Students study six units per semester at Year 11 and five units per semester at Year 12. Most people undertake Unit 1 and 2 at Year 11, and complete Unit 3 and 4 at Year 12.

To be awarded the VCE, you must satisfactorily complete at least 16 units.

These units must include:

  • three units from the English group (with at least one at Unit 3 and one at Unit 4 level)
  • three sequences of Unit 3 and 4 studies (other than English), which can include a scored VET subject

A VCE year

VCE begins in Commencement Program (Monday 22 November – Friday 3 December 2021) and students complete homework over the summer holidays.

The program ends in the following October for Year 12.

What is important to know about VCE?

This qualification

  • involves at least two years of continual assessment
  • ensures that every student has to meet the same assessment requirements
  • uses both external and internal school assessed tasks to gauge learning

Senior School Subject Selection Video

To help with your conversations at home we have put together a Senior School Subject Selection Information video. Learn more about the requirements of VCAL and VCE and key information which will assist you in your selection process at Catholic College Wodonga.

Joshua Flood
Director of Learning - Senior School