About Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL)

Note: VCAL is only available in 2023 to existing VCAL students. This is a transition arrangement allowing current students to complete their certificate. Current Year 10 Students should refer to information on the VCE Vocational Major.

VCAL is really different to VCE!

For the right person, it is an amazing opportunity to develop the skills, abilities and experiences that will make them confident, employable and ready for whatever their future holds.

VCAL is one of the accredited Year 12 qualifications we offer, the other being VCE.

VCAL is not for students who plan to go directly into university, it specifically prepares students for a pathway into the workforce, apprenticeships or traineeships, or TAFE.

VCAL students are very diverse and there are lots of reasons why it might be the right program for you. You might be:

  • a practical learner
  • enjoys hands on activities
  • a team player
  • a problem solver
  • adaptable and versatile
  • enjoys developing life skills
  • engages well with community projects
  • works outside of the classroom
  • ready to further your abilities with a growth mindset
  • ready to get started on a chosen career
  • wanting to explore the world of work to find your pathway
  • undertaking or ready to undertake a school-based apprenticeship or traineeship

Damien Morrison
VCAL Learning Leader