Catherine McKinley
Religious Education Learning Leader

Catholic identity is at the heart of our school. As such, Religious Education (RE) is compulsory for each year of study at Catholic College Wodonga.

Students focus on aspects of religion and spirituality within traditions and explore the religious basis of ethical and social justice issues.

They gain an appreciation of, and respect for, the different ways in which people develop an understanding and knowledge of religion and spirituality as something living and dynamic, and the ways in which people think, feel and act because of their religious beliefs.

In Year 12 students have the option to choose a Unit 3 & 4 Religious Education subject OR participate in Living as a Christian Today for one semester. Living as a Christian Today does not contribute to a student’s ATAR score.

Living as a Christian Today

  • Compulsory for Year 12s not studying a 3/4 RE subject
  • Critically reflect on the human right to work
  • Draw meaning from sacraments such as Matrimony and Holy Orders

Subject Code: V2RRE
Year Level: 12

In this subject you will explore vocation and what it means to live and work as a Christian in today’s world. Investigate the issues arising from the right to meaningful work and leisure. You will become familiar with the sacraments of Matrimony and Holy Orders, a single way of life, and ordained and non-ordained ministries, as expressions of mission in the service of the Church.

  • Class discussions
  • Reflections on a range of guest speakers
  • Using scripture to help independent reflection
  • Short answer tasks