Catherine McKinley
Religious Education Learning Leader

Catholic identity is at the heart of our school. As such, Religious Education (RE) is compulsory for each year of study at Catholic College Wodonga.

Students focus on aspects of religion and spirituality within traditions and explore the religious basis of ethical and social justice issues.

They gain an appreciation of, and respect for, the different ways in which people develop an understanding and knowledge of religion and spirituality as something living and dynamic, and the ways in which people think, feel and act because of their religious beliefs.

In Year 12 students have the option to choose a Unit 3 & 4 Religious Education subject OR participate in Living as a Christian Today for one semester. Living as a Christian Today does not contribute to a student’s ATAR score.

Call to Action (Year 11)

  • Suited to students not perusing an ATAR
  • Investigate global justice issues
  • Examine our collective responsibility to global and local issues

Subject Code: V1RCA
Year Level: 11

In this subject, students will investigate justice issues facing our world today, their causes, the associated problems and their impact on humankind.  Students will explore Church teachings relevant to these issues and practical and Christian responses. The concept of service will be examined in terms of individual and collective responsibility to think globally and act locally.

Students will be able to identify and analyse contemporary social justice issues, draw on Scripture and Church documents and communicate practical and Christian responses to social justice issues.

This subject is suited to students who are not pursuing an ATAR score.

  • written reports
  • topic tests
  • oral presentations
  • an analytical essay
  • class discussion
  • end of semester exam
What sort of student would like Call to Action?

Someone who:

  • Is interested in understanding and gaining a greater insight into how the World in which we live in, operates. 
  • Would like to explore the Christian response to contemporary social justice issues and investigate both practical and Christian responses on a global level.


Religion & Society 1-2

  • Explore the “big” questions of life
  • Examine contemporary and historic challenges to religions
  • Improve your understanding of the five major world religions

Subject Code: V1RRS
Year Level: 11

Unit 1: Religion in society

Explore the origins of religion, identifying the nature and purpose of religion past and present. You investigate the contribution of religion to the development of human society and then focus on the role of religious traditions in shaping personal and group identity.

Examine how religious traditions are affected and changed by individuals and groups. We strive to understand the often-complex relationships that exist between individuals, groups, religious traditions and the society in which they live.

  • research assignment
  • oral presentation
  • class discussion
  • end of semester exam


Unit 2: Ethics

Reflect on what is ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ and ‘good’ and ‘bad’ when applied to human decision-making. You examine personal decision-making practices and how some of the major religious traditions of our world have sought to recommend and develop the ethical lives of people.

You complete in-depth studies into numerous ethical issues and analyse the various perspectives that people have on these issues.

  • written reports
  • topic tests
  • oral presentations
  • an analytical essay
  • class discussion
  • end of semester exam


What sort of student would like Religion & Society?

Someone who is:

  • curious about how beliefs express meaning in life for individuals and communities.
  • Likes to explore many of the ‘big life questions’.
  • Interested in key people and events that have shaped religious belief systems throughout the world.


Youth Ministry & Spirituality - Year 11

  • Learn about leadership and ministry to others
  • Plan and take part in retreat sessions
  • Step out of your comfort zone on your faith journey

Subject Code: V1RYM
Year Level: 11

Do you want to explore your faith in a more challenging way?
Are you ready to be challenged and empowered in leadership roles in Youth Ministry?


Growing your own faith and exploring how others experience faith in their lives.


Developing leadership skills individually and as part of a team.


Working as a community to build and support those around us.


Serving others through community service opportunities, camps, retreats and actions.

What does this mean for me?

This subject is not for everyone. We build upon the Pathways subject ‘Youth Ministry & Spirituality’. This is offered as a challenging but rewarding option if students choose it with the right motivations. It links into the National CSYMA program (Catholic Schools Youth Ministry Australia). You can find out more about the nature and purpose of the unit on the following website We provide a dynamic opportunity for you to engage with your culture and church.

You are trained and equipped with a vision and skills for Youth Ministry, demonstrated and developed by roles in leading school and parish liturgies, faith development activities, including seminars for junior students.

It is therefore very important that students select the unit for all that it offers – not parts of it.

You need to:
  • be actively involved or willing to be involved in programs (i.e. Youth Groups, Retreat Sessions, Immersions, Community Service or your own church)
  • attend one large youth ministry event (i.e. Stronger, CSYMA Youth Ministry Conferences or similar)
  • Community service hours
  • Written Theory Exams in Semester One and Two
  • Group and Individual Presentations 
  • Retreat Session Planning and Presentation

If you do not fulfil the assessment criteria and/or meet the outcomes in Semester One, you may be re-interviewed and moved out of this class for Semester Two.

What sort of student would like Youth Ministry & Spirituality?

Students who is:

  • Willing to explore their faith, develop in leadership and work with others in their class in a more active manner.
  • Prepared to run junior seminars, camps, and roles in school and parish youth events like ‘Stronger’ rallies and Friday Nite Youth.
  • Prepared to ‘put in’ for this challenging but very rewarding option!

This subject can only be selected if the prerequisite “Pathways Youth Ministry and Spirituality” has already been successfully completed. Confirmation by the Pathways teacher is required. New students to CCW will need to complete a Youth Ministry Application form, this can be downloaded from the New Students section on this website.