General Mathematics 1-2

  • Incorporates a practical approach that equips students with essential skills as future citizens
  • Learn statistics, linear graphs, financial modelling and more
  • Suits students who enjoy non-algebraic mathematics

Subject Code: V1MGM
Year Level: 11

Unit 1 & 2

This unit would benefit a broad range of students. You learn statistics, linear modelling, linear graphs, matrices, recursion and financial modelling.

  • topic tests
  • assignments
  • modelling/problem solving tasks
  • homework tasks
  • end of semester exam
What sort of student would like General Mathematics?

Someone who:

  • Would like to continue with Mathematics with the option of studying Further Mathematics in Year 12.
  • Requires a maths unit for tertiary study but not to the level of Mathematical Methods.
  • Is not looking to go on to tertiary studies but may require Mathematics at Year 11 level to undertake a particular pathway.

Pathways (Year 10) subjects: Pre-General or Pre-Methods.

Other consideration

You need to enjoy Mathematics, in particular the non-algebraic type of mathematics (i.e. Data and Statistics, Financial Mathematics, Networks, Geometry and Trigonometry.)

You must have a Ti-nspire CAS calculator. It is used extensively throughout the unit.


VCAL Intermediate Numeracy

  • Learn maths that will be useful you in further education and employment
  • Focus on financial numeracy, probability and statistics, measurement, and more
  • Conduct a numeracy investigation in an industry area you’re studying through VET or employment

Subject Code: V4VNU
Year Level: 11

What will I learn?

You develop your numeracy skills in mathematical knowledge and techniques, financial literacy, planning and organising, measurement, data, representation, design, problem-solving, using software tools and devices.

Apply your knowledge and skills through an investigation in a familiar industry area linked to the VET units in your VCAL program or employment.

What will I do?
  • As much as possible the skills you learn will be directly linked to ‘real world’ examples or practical experiences.
  • You will read and design timetables, follow recipes, play sports to record statistics, design houses and plan dream holidays.
  • Conduct an investigation in a familiar industry area linked to you VET units in your VCAL program of employment.

Intermediate students can undertake VCE Maths as an alternative to this subject (with Mathematics Learning Leader approval).