VCAL Foundation Literacy

  • Learn literacy skills to apply to real world scenarios
  • Focus on building your reading, writing and oral communication skills
  • Gain skills that will be relevant to what field you would like to work in

Subject Code: V3VLI
Year Level: 11

What will I learn?

Literacy is designed to develop your knowledge, skills and attributes relevant to reading and writing and oral communication and their practical application in the contexts of everyday life, family, employment, further learning and community. Where possible, Literacy tasks are based on real world examples, making what you learn relevant to what you want to do after school.

Literacy skills corresponding with these social contexts include reading and writing for: self-expression, practical purposes, knowledge and public debate.

What will I do?
  • Read and write letters and emails, instructions, debates and learn more about topics that interest you.
  • Give presentations and listen to what other people have to say. When you have to do these things as a part of projects in other subjects you can even add them to your Literacy folio.
  • Suggest topics and will have input into how you demonstrate your learning.
  • As you move up through the VCAL Certificates you will be expected to read and write longer and more complex texts.