VCAL Certificate Levels


Foundation VCAL provides a supportive and structured environment for students who need extra assistance with their learning. This certificate focuses on vital ‘real life’ literacy, numeracy and pre-employment skills. Foundation is usually undertaken by recommendation by diverse learning.

The Foundation VCAL Certificate can be completed over one year for students who are able develop the skills and confidence to move into Intermediate in Year 12, or over two years for those who need to work through their outcomes at a slower pace or who would benefit from repetition or reinforcement of the curriculum.


Intermediate VCAL provides an environment that encourages students to develop organisation skills and self-management while building on their literacy, numeracy and employability skills.

The program is designed to move from the teacher-led learning that students are used to towards a more independent and student-directed style of learning. This is the level that most students undertake at Year 11. The Intermediate VCAL Certificate can be taken over two years under certain circumstances, but most students continue into the Senior Certificate in Year 12 or transition into other post-secondary employment or training.


Senior VCAL provides students with the opportunity to be highly independent in an adult learning style environment. Students design and direct their own learning, developing the skills and knowledge they will need for their chosen pathway. Teachers provide guidance and support, but Senior students are expected to demonstrate strong leadership, organisation and self-knowledge. The Senior VCAL Certificate is only available to Year 12 students.